You only care about the results, so we’ve built an organization that focuses on solving problems, not building the best models. We have assembled a diverse team (by skills, experience and verticals) that focuses obsessively on solving business problems and creating solutions to meet those challenges.


Gaurav Gupta

CEO & Founder Bio

Larry Blakeman

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Nathan Law


Rich Tambor

Financial Services Executive Bio



Justine Metz

Justine Metz spent 30 years in marketing and product management at some of the largest companies in the world including Unilever, General Electric and Bank of America.  Knowing that she wasn’t put on the earth to have a lot of things and make a lot of money, Justine left big Corporate America for Silicon Valley in 2015 where she spent 5 years working with venture capital and private equity backed companies, SRS Acquiom and Prosper respectively.  Now, in retirement, Justine is pursuing her purposeful life as founder of Sapientia Strategic Consulting which focuses on projects that serve a social and humanitarian purpose.  As a former client of QuaEra and advisor to leadership, Justine is able to help provide the perspectives that CMO’s have when working with key partners like QuaEra.



Rob Biggers

Rob spent most of his career working in traditional and digital advertising and marketing firms. He has deep experience in client facing program and account management, creative services management and agency operations roles with a concentration in high-volume print and digital direct marketing. Industry expertise includes Finance, Pharma, Entertainment, CPG and Non-profit.



Raymond Ho

Raymond has more than 15 years of experience in the Consumer Financial industry revolving around the new customer acquisition space. He has worked for leading brands such as American Express, Wells Fargo, and LendingClub and is adept at operating at the intersection of direct marketing, credit risk, and product development. Raymond has always been passionate about optimization, both in solving business problems and in tackling life challenges, and is particularly excited to help Direct Marketers reimagine and discover what is possible in hyper-personalization.