The AI that Powers Aignyte

Aignyte is a unique and transformative technology that harnesses the power of AI to make precise recommendations about what will generate the most interest in your offer from your prospects/customers. And Aignyte’s self-learning algorithms automatically adjust preferences based on the results from your latest campaign and changes recommendations as early as the next campaign.

img Decoder

Proprietary Taxonomy to Define Attributes of the Creative (Genome)

  • Subject lines
  • Content
  • Highlighted product features
  • Messages and offers
  • Direct mail formats and designs
  • Images and icons

Aignyte Decoder

Aignyte Decoder generates a genome for every interaction/creative piece/content (email, display, direct mail)… The genome captures the various nuances ranging from email subject lines, images and offers, down to the size and color of a direct mail envelope, the location of your logo, highlighted product features and the broad theme of any creative. Every creative is mapped onto a genome that has been developed by the Aignyte team.

Aignyte Extractor

Aignyte Extractor scours through your historical data – multi-channel content, messaging and creative stimuli delivered to a target, along with their response data to discover their preference for each of the genome elements. Our proprietary algorithms extract even the most granular signals that establish a link between audience member/prospect’s characteristics and their preferences.

img extractor

Extract every audience member/prospect preferences

Customer Characteristics
  • Geolocation
  • Age
  • Income
  • Browsing history
Prior Response
  • No response
  • Applied
  • Transaction completed
Prior Creative
  • Content
  • Product features
  • Channel affinity

Middle income single working parent

  • Get up to $40k in line
  • Flexibility of paying back

Financially savvy millennial

  • A low APR card
  • Get instantly approved

High Income looking for urgent need

  • No pre-payment penalties
  • Direct deposit to Bank Account

Aignyte Matcher

Aignyte Matcher generates specific content, creative, message recommendations for each prospect/audience member that would maximize the value from interaction… be it their response rate, or usage of your product, or retention rate or average order size and frequency.


And the self-learning algorithms automatically incorporate the most recent responses/behaviors, modify preferences, and change recommendations for the next interaction – effectively responding to market, competitive and consumer behavior changes almost immediately.